Transfers: Standard CBI background check $20, NFA $20

Handgun sights installed using an Ameriglo Universal Sight Tool, a very high quality press.  I have the adapters to install sights on the following types of handguns: $15
Glock: all models except 42 & 43
1911: Colt, Sig, Mil-spec
Bersa Thunder
Kimber Ultra Carry II
Springfield EMP 9mm
Para-Ordinance Carry 12
Springfield XD/ XD-M
Smith & Wesson 9mm 3rd Gen.
Sig Sauer: P220, P225, P6, P226, P228, P229, P239
Heckler and Koch: H&K USP, P2000, P30, P45
Smith & Wesson: M&P Full and Compact

AR15 building:
Lower assemble: $20
Upper assemble: $25

Due to the wide variety of shapes and sizes, all prices are an estimate.  Contact me for exact quotes.

AR15 and similar
Upper Receiver: $120
Lower Receiver: $120
Handguard: $150
Stock: $100

Slide: $100
Frame: $100

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